La Fiesta Restaurant, Orlando, FL

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Gabriel Callejas, husband of Helpertunity's Founder Eileen Callejas, was the first business to step up and support Helpertunity's Mission, but it was not the first time the family restaurant owner had reached out to elderly, disabled, and homeless persons in his community.  

Fiesta Candy

Gabriel is an outspoken advocate for the plight of child immigrants, migrant farmers, and disabled workers, and has been known to honor the requests of needy persons; seeking a volunteer tasks in exchange for a hot meal, from time to time.

Fiesta Party

Gabriel's restaurants have hosted holiday banners made by homeless crafters, and have proudly displayed handmade items, produced by disabled persons and elderly nursing home residents, in their front counter-case.

Candy sale

The small business owner continues to provide a source of ongoing support for the organization by accepting donations and offering candy at local register locations.  Such efforts not only provide a small stream of resources for the organization, but it also serve to advocate and educate about Helpertunity's work within the local community.

More candy

Over the years; Gabriel's restaurants have provided classic Mexican treats to local shelters and elder care facilities, in celebration of Mexican holidays and fiestas, and have hosted educational sessions for Activity Professionals on the History, Culture, and traditions of Mexico and its People. 

Food for all

La Fiesta Mexican Grill continues to provide catering services for events, and is proud to be an ongoing advocate, with Helpertunity, for Direct-Impact Seed-Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility in the community. 

To provide counter space, project sponsorship, or other support for Helpertunity's efforts, through your neighborhood business or corporation, please contact Helpertunity directly at 407-234-4768 /