Busy Bags & Ditty Kit Packers

With the help of sewing volunteers; elders can now keep busy with independent pursuits... because they can carry the tools they need in their walker & wheelchair "Busy Bags" 

Busy Bag Displayed with Bear on Lounge Chair by Poolside

As facility clients forego carrying wallets, keys, briefcases, and purses, they often also lose a tendency that people have; to bring along items of interest to use during their daily free time.  In facilities, many elders use walkers and wheelchairs to assist with "transportation" but the unique bags that could store their useful belongings, hands-free,  are not nearly as easy to find:

Helpertunity Styled Busy Bag draped and tied over the arm of a wheelchair

Volunteers who enjoy sewing, and gift givers who enjoy collecting recreational items, are working together this year to spread Helpertunity's "Busy Bag" advocacy message:  

Busy Bag draped over the front of a traditional metal walker device used by elders

No elderly client should be left sitting in the nursing-home hallway... without access to something to do to help them pass the time!  That is why church groups and sewing guilds across Florida have been gathering to cut and sew Busy Bags by the dozens since 2017!

Church Group Volunteers Gather to Sew Busy Bags for Helpertunity to distribute to Nursing Home Patients

.... and that includes sewing and embellishing Busy Bags for Alzheimer's Patients, who can enjoy the sensory-stimulation of customized "Fidget Bags / Fidget Aprons /  and Fidget Pillow Covers" too!

Busy Bag used as a small fidget quilt and stay-seated lap apron

Busy Bags are also a wonderful bed-rail caddie, and are a great make-one/share-one sewing project for scouts troops, crafty campers, and quilt-retreat attendees.

Busy Bags are also a handy Bed Rail and Bunk Bed Supply Caddie

Cash contributions and donations of the following resources are needed to support this project through Helpertunity:

Sewing Volunteers & Sewing Machines

Scrap Material / Thread / Buttons

Zippers / Velcro / Ribbon / Lace

And Busy-Bag Filling:

New Puzzle Books & Click-Pens

Grown-Up Coloring Books & Markers

Silk Flowers & Stringing Beads / Pearls

Handheld Puzzles & Fidget Games

Our Busy Bags Kit Packing Team Volunteering at the Helpertunity Home-Office in 2020
Our Busy Bags Kit Packing Team Volunteering at the Helpertunity Home-Office in early 2020.


Print the flyer and sewing instructions posted below and get a "Busy Bag & Ditty Kit Packers" volunteer group started in your area:

Helpertunity Printable Busy Bag sewing Instructions

Helpertunity Sewing & Crafting Supply Request Flyer

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